NOS Survey H03715 - HYD93 Format Header

  Surv Id Format Ngdc Id   Params Create Date Source Institution Seq
4 H03715 HYD93 03991127   SF 20040607 National Ocean Survey, N.O.A.A. 01
Country Platform Name Plat Type Chief Hydrographer(s) Seq
U.S.A. Unknown Ship 1SHIP J.B. Miller 02
Project Type of Survey Strt Yr End Yr Scale of Survey Seq
3715   1914 1914 1:10,000 03
Area (General) of Survey Area (Specific) of Survey Seq
Shumagin Island Pirate Cove - Popof Island 04
Quality of Survey Description Processing Status Description Seq
Position Determination Seq
Code Horizontal Datum of Records Code Original Horizontal Datum Seq
NOS31 North American Datum 1983 NOSXX Undetermined horizontal datum 07
code Vertical Datum tide Original Sounding Units Seq
04 Mean Lower Low Water   fathoms 08
Sounding Method Seq
Lead Line assumed 09
c Sound Velocity Correction Seq
5 Non-acoustic depth measurement 10
Data Processing Methodology Seq
Smooth sheets digitized for N.O.S. by NGDC under 2001-2004 Contract 11
Format of Data Records Top Lat Bottom Lat Left Lon Right Lon Seq
SURV,LAT,LON,VAL,TYP,CCODE(A8,F9.6,F10.6,F6.1,I1,I3) 55.80 55.11 -160.37 -159.31 12
Additional Documentation
Inset of Kupreanof Harbor and Little Harbor have scale of 1:10,000 13
Inset of Pirate Cove has scale of 1:2,500 14
Inset of Shoal Bay has scale of 1:5,000 15
Inset of The Kitchen has scale of 1:1,000 16

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